Product Descriptions

Book: Real Gold

What's missing from on-line dating experiences are valid and easy-to-use relationship assessment tools to help you more effectively sort through your prospects and partners. Though finding and meeting others through the internet is easier than ever before, you also need tools that are practical and immediately usable to navigate potential relationships. In other words, anyone can get into, be in, or get out of a relationship, but there are only a few that gather wisdom on the path. This reference guide will inspire you to initiate real conversations with those you hope to love, with less fear of negative consequences. As you increase your ability to compassionately and judiciously speak your own truth you will be transformed in the process. Knowing specifically what is working and repeatedly not working will free you to make better choices so that you can avoid engaging in relationships in a way that leads to their failure. A relationship no longer has to be something that happens to you, but rather an opportunity to understand how your pre-existing beliefs are either working for you, or against you. As you find your way through reading this book, my vision is that you will increase your commitment to your own self-care until practicing being loving, expecting mutual respect, and having healthy boundaries are more wonderfully anchored in your life. Warm regards, Pierce

App: Touchstone: ‘Growing Relationship Confidence’

How to purchase: 
iTunes app store > search ‘Touchstone’

There are many apps and websites (eg. Tinder, Bumble, Match, Plenty of Fish, etc) that can provide an introduction for you to potential partners, but there are few, if any, effective apps that can provide you with the essential feedback that you really need. Is the relationship that you are exploring getting better, getting worse, or most importantly, is it worth the time and effort you are investing. Think of the Touchstone app as private diary that codifies and measures your personal feedback regarding the things that happen in your relationships. Each diary entry is weighted and measured based on your personal feelings and community norms that are constantly being evaluated. Touchstone provides you with a confidence meter and graph of how you are feeling about your prospects or partners over time. Touchstone will even show you how different compare to each other based on their different confidence ratings. Make sure to check out the (Touchstone’s parent company) website for useful relationship oriented YouTube videos, relationship tips, and how to access the reference guide on; “Real Gold: A quick guide to making your relationship real”. Let Touchstone help you by making sure that, “Life is Bringing its Best People”.

Touchstone Pricing


Track up to 2 prospects/partners; 5 Survey question limit per day, includes advertisements.


($2.99/month subscription) – track unlimited prospects/partners, unlimited Survey questions per day.


($4.99/month subscription) – everything from Gold, includes anonymous chat with users that you have issue with